Attracting and Retaining Aboriginal Staff


TERPIMA PUPA TERMALUNGA (to listen, to build, to hold)

Implementing respectful and collaborative practices within the work setting.

About This Workshop

This interactive 1-day course is designed to assist Managers and Supervisors to grow, develop and support the Aboriginal workforce within the organisation, incorporating the five unpinning values of integrity, compassion, acceptance, respect and excellence.

Course topics include:

  1. The definition of supervision in an Aboriginal context
  2. Aboriginal cultural issues, values, and practices that impact on the attraction and retention of Aboriginal people within the workplace
  3. Communication differences and potential barriers
  4. Defining individual strengths and identifying deficits in supporting Aboriginal staff within the workplace
  5. The identification and implementation of best practice models in supporting Aboriginal staff to meet cultural requirements, whilst maintaining their employment
  6. Practical and tailored strategies in supporting Aboriginal staff within the service